My name is Jarmo Havulinna. Our family worked with RCA for generations as sole representative and distributor in Finland covering most of RCA's product lines. The co-operation lasted from the early days when RCA was founded to the very end when RCA was bought by GE.
During those 50-70 years we have kept quite a lot of the RCA material. A lot has been lost during the years, but some I still have in storage. I am now retired and thought that it may be good idea to inventory all and see if those could be of some value to other people or instances.
All products and material on these pages have known history as everything has been in our posession all the time. All are practically unused. Some equipment may have been in a showroom or something like that.

We are interested to sell all or any to anyone interested. Right now I have no real idea of the value of all of these. Some may be very rare. Don't know yet who or which instances collect this kind of old stuff. Let me know if you are interested.

I have put the material into four categories:

1. Old RCA logo stickers
Alltogether 10 pieces. Most of those are unique. All unused. All of these are already in the site.

2. Old RCA aluminium logos
Also 10 pieces. 9 are the same square types. One round version. All of these are already in the site.

3. Old RCA equipment
Inventory of all of these is still in process. Nothing yet in the site. Products like audio amplifier/preamplifier, test equipment, transceivers, etc... It will interesting to see what I can find when I go through all the inventory.

4. Other RCA material
Don't know yet what I will find to this category. To start with I have added these:
* RCA Apollo sticker sheet
* "To win the Cold War" memorandum by David Sarnoff