Performance Measurements of BMW 745i with Turbo Upgrade Kit
Power BHP / Torque lb ft

Date: March 10, 1999
Place: Automotive Laboratorio at Oulu Polytechnic Institute of Technology, FINLAND
Car: BMW 745i -83. Approx. 600.000 km
Owner: Jarmo Havulinna, Finland
Engine: 3.4 L Turbo - 83. Approx. 500.000 km of which some 200.000 km with higher turbo boost levels.
Modification: Tuoma Perfection Turbo Upgrade Kit BM1A102TK02A (Chip + Waste Gate mod)
Test conditions:
Fuel: 98 octane unleaded (with lead substitutes)
Ambient temperature: 8 degrees celcius
Turbo boost: 1.1 bar (16 PSI)
Gear: 3rd (40 km/h at 1000 RPM)
RPM range used: From 1600 to 5250 rpm (210 km/h)

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